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NZMS 260 and 262: Our Metric Topographical Heritage

NZMS 260 and 262: Our Metric Topographical Heritage

©2011 | Edited by Graeme Jupp

Launched at NZCS' 40th anniversary in February 2011, this booklet commemorates the New Zealand Mapping Service 260 (1:50,000) and 262 (1:250,000) topographic map series. It has been compiled to permanently record New Zealand's first national metric topographic maps and includes a definitive list of all map editions and reprints.

In circulation for more than 30 years, the NZMS 260 and 262 series were superseded, respectively, by the New Zealand Topo50 and Topo250 series in September 2009. The book contains 100 pages of articles and colour graphics illustrating the development of each series from first publication in the 1970s through 2009. Multiple authors representing many years of New Zealand cartography experience have contributed to this publication.

Perfect bound in A5 portrait format (210mm x 148mm) as a limited collectible release of 150 copies.
ISBN 978-0-473-18332-5 | CartoPRESS

Review by Shaun Barnett (in the Federated Mountain Clubs Bulletin, June 2011):
"For many trampers, maps are sources of inspiration and daydreaming. As a high-school student just beginning my tramping career, I remember much distraction from my exam preparations by gazing at NZMS 260 series sheet U20, Kaweka. To me, the sheet was a work of art, beautifully rendering in exquisite detail the contours of the land, the boundary between the bush-edge and the tussock; showing as neat dots a fall of scree, blue lines the course of a stream, black dashes the path of a track, and small squares the location of a hut.

When you know how to read them, these maps provide a source of endless information for trip planning. Some trampers collect great libraries of maps, recording their adventures using the ubiquitous red pen. I don’t have a complete library of NZMS 260 maps, but I have most of the ones that cover back-country areas, and have kept even a smattering of the old inch-to-the-mile series (NZMS 1, scale 1:63,360) that preceded them. When I started seriously tramping in 1985, only the mountains of Te Urewera National Park had not yet been converted to metric in the North Island, although many more awaited conversion in the South Island. Indeed, South Island trampers of a certain vintage still refer to ascents in feet rather than metres, a sign of how much influence maps have exerted on their tramping life.

When the country converted to metric in 1969, large parts of the Southern Alps remained unmapped, and so the Lands and Survey made a decision to press on with its NZMS 1 series until they completed the task in 1976. Concurrently, in the early 1970s work began on the new metric 260 series. This was finally completed in July 1997.

The introduction notes that the 260 series came about during a ‘Golden Age of New Zealand cartography’, when ‘great technical change and graphic innovation’ combined. The quality of information on the 260 series earned the respect of trampers, so it is perhaps no surprise to learn that one of their chief architects, Bill Drake, was a tramper and mountaineer himself Drake oversaw production of the maps for Lands and Survey, and then DOSLI, between 1970 and 1992, and died just recently.

Now that the NZMS 260 series has itself been replaced by the Topo 50 series (in September 2009), on a different map projection, it is timely that this book appears. Edited by Graeme Jupp, and published by the New Zealand Cartographic Society, the informative book records the development of the now-classic NZMS 260 1:50 000 topographic series.

As you would expect from cartographers, the book, although small, is very tidily presented, and with good production qualities. The first 40 pages concern themselves with the history of the maps, while the remainder of the book provides a definitive list of all the 260 series, with notes on dates, revisions and reprints. Only 150 copies of the book have been printed, so map enthusiasts, get in quick to secure yours."
Occasional Publication #1
Mapping Mountain Dynamics from Glaciers to Volcanoes

Mapping Mountain Dynamics: From Glaciers to Volcanoes

©2013 | Edited by Antoni Moore and Igor Drecki

Proceedings of the 8th ICA Mountain Cartography Workshop, 1st – 5th September 2012, Taurewa, NZ

Since 1999, the International Cartographic Association Commission on Mountain Cartography has held workshops every two years, alternating with the International Cartographic Conferences. The New Zealand Cartographic Society was host to the 8th Mountain Cartography Workshop at the Sir Edmund Hillary Outdoor Pursuits Centre at Taurewa, near Tongariro National Park. The meeting gathered 24 mountain cartographers and enthusiasts from Argentina, Austria, Canada, Germany, Norway, Slovenia, Switzerland, USA, and New Zealand. This publication is the record of the workshop, consisting of 14 papers and 8 abstracts on aspects of mountain cartography and new approaches that are of relevance to mountain cartographers. Section topics are Mountain and Glacier Mapping, Usability and Cognition, and Professional and Personal Mapping.

Bound in A4 portrait format (210 x 297 mm)
ISBN 978-0-473-25829-0 | CartoPRESS
Occasional Publication #2
Cartographic Journeys Through Space and Time

Cartographic Journeys Through Space and Time

©2016 | Edited by Antoni Moore and Igor Drecki

Proceedings of the 7th National Cartographic Conference GeoCart’2014, 42nd ANZMapS Conference, and the 3rd ICA Regional Symposium on Cartography for Australasia and Oceania, 3rd – 5th September 2014, Auckland, NZ

GeoCart’2014 brought together a wide cross section of professionals, researchers and enthusiasts engaged in cartography, map curatorship, and GIScience to promote new techniques in, and a greater understanding of cartography and mapping. These Proceedings consist of 51 papers and abstracts with sections on Historical Mapping, 20th Century Cartography, Map Repositories and Archiving, National Mapping and Data Infrastructure, General Mapping and Design, Crowdsourcing and Usability, Natural and Social Environment, Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, and Georeferencing.

Bound in A4 portrait format (210 x 297 mm).
ISBN 978-0-473-35883-9 | CartoPRESS
CartoPRESS #2
Map Projections and Datums in New Zealand

Map Projections and Datums in New Zealand: Development and Applications

©2017 | By John Hannah

This volume is a comprehensive and updated account of New Zealand map projections and datums. John Hannah explains the development of national mapping systems, from the National Yard Grids of the 1930s to the current NZTM2000 projection. There is a thorough detailing of the local meridional circuits underpinning the surveying coordinate systems used in NZ and an accessible mathematical basis for the main projection types and specific conformal (shape-preserving) projections. This is supplemented with an overview of offshore island, Pacific island, continental shelf, and Antarctic projections. This text is a valuable resource for students and practitioners of surveying, cartography, and geospatial science in New Zealand.

Perfect bound in A5 portrait format (210mm x 148mm).
ISBN 978-0-473-38350-3 | CartoPRESS
Occasional Publication #3
Unfolding the Map

Unfolding the Map

©2017 | Edited by Antoni Moore and Igor Drecki

Proceedings of the 8th National Cartographic Conference GeoCart’2014 and 4th ICA Regional Symposium on Cartography for Australasia and Oceania, 31st August – 2nd September 2016, Auckland, NZ

The GeoCart'2016 Proceedings contain 52 papers and abstracts, including a brief record of keynotes and posters presented at the conference, reflecting the diversity of cartography, map curatorship and research, geovisualisation, surveying, geospatial sciences, and related disciplines. The main sections comprise the following themes: Historical, Archiving and Exhibition, Social and Natural Environment, Sustainable Mapping, Map Design and Neocartography, Surveying and Photogrammetry, Education, Professional and Usability, 3D, Web and Multimedia, Mapping in Organisations, and Community and Data.

Book is bound in A4 portrait format (210 x 297 mm).
ISSN 2382-0381 | ISBN 978-0-473-38351-0 | CartoPRESS

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