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Welcome to ANZMapS Map Conservation

A workshop presented by the Australian and New Zealand Map Society

The Australian and New Zealand Map Society is proud to offer two workshops preceding GeoCart'2018.

The ANZMapS Map Conservation workshop will be held the afternoon of 4 September 2018 at the Alexander Turnbull Library. Margaret Morris, Senior Conservator Works on Paper at the Alexander Turnbull Library, will demonstrate how to assess maps for treatment, techniques for conservation and repair, and share recommendations for housing and storing maps.

This half-day workshop follows the Historical Maps Online workshop.


This workshop will cover:

  • General conservation
    • Purpose, materials, environment, storage
    • Earthquake and other disaster mitigation strategies
  • Types of supports that maps are printed / drawn on
    • Diazotypes, tracing paper, blueprints, linen, etc.
  • Storage appropriate to type of item
    • Folders, interleaving, encapsulation
  • Examples of typical damage
    • Sellotape stains, tears, staining from poor quality materials, etc.
  • Handling of maps
  • Stabilisation options and methods
    • Dry-cleaning, tear consolidation, flattening, etc.

Within the above categories, also an overview of:

  • Storage alternatives to preclude need to repair (in some instances)
  • Encapsulation – examples of ultrasonic welder encaps and 2-sided tape encaps
  • Folders and interleaving – examples of small and large items stored together and how interleaving helps
  • Minor repairs – demonstrate Japanese papers and wheat starch paste; concept of removability / reversibility

Workshop Presenter

Margaret Morris

Senior Conservator Works on Paper
Alexander Turnbull Library

Target Audience

This workshop is designed for individuals interested in, or responsible for, the management and storage of map collections of all sizes.

Guided Tour

Following the workshop, Margaret Morris and Mark Bagnall (Curator, Cartographic Collection) will give a guided tour of the Alexander Turnbull Library Cartographic Collection.


ANZMapS Map Conservation will be held at the Alexander Turnbull Library in the National Library of New Zealand in Thorndon, Wellington. The session will begin at the ground floor reception area.

National Library of New Zealand


The workshop will be held Tuesday, 4 September 2018.

Start time: 14:15
Finish time: 17:00

There will a break mid-afternoon for tea and coffee.

Registration Fee

ANZMapS Map Conservation is a free workshop. There is no registration fee.

Note: Tea & coffee is not included. Please bring $10 cash on the day (beverages will be pre-ordered from Home Café, National Library).

ANZMapS Map Conservation

  • Workshop participation (4 Sept)
  • Tea/coffee NOT included


In the event you are unable to attend the workshop, please notify the organisers immediately so your place may be allocated to another attendee.