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About NZCS

The New Zealand Cartographic Society was founded on February 23, 1971.  Its ongoing mission is to promote the development of cartography in all its forms.  NZCS is a New Zealand registered incorporated society, and has officially represented New Zealand to the International Cartographic Association since 1976.  

NZCS welcomes everyone with an interest in the study, production, and use of maps.  Membership is available to both individuals and organisations, and all are invited to join.  NZCS also welcomes interest and partnership proposals from related societies and professional groups.

All activities undertaken by the society are organised by member volunteers.  Services provided or coordinated by NZCS include:

  • GeoCart, the National Cartographic Conference (biennial)
  • National Cartographic Exhibition (biennial)
  • National Children’s Map Competition (part of the ICA Barbara Petchenik Children’s World Map Award)
  • cartography related workshops, seminars, and courses
  • support for students to attend GeoCart
  • Cartogram, the NZCS newsletter
  • GeoCart proceedings and materials
  • other cartography related publications
  • provision and maintenance of the NZCS website
  • general cartographic information and advice



NZCS Committee members:

President Igor Drecki
Vice President Roger Smith
Secretary Tony Moore
Treasurer Lesley Murphy

Mark Bagnall
Brent Brady
Marney Brosnan
Michelle Knight
Mairéad de Róiste
Geoff O'Malley
Shannon L. McColley
Andrew Steffert


Andrew Douglas-Clifford


Shannon L. McColley

Past presidents of NZCS:

2008 - 2013 Geoff Aitken
1989 - 2008 Robin B. Phillips
1985 - 1989 Dr. Ian Riley
1978 - 1984 George Thorn
1971 - 1977 Prof. Don McKenzie


NZ Representatives to ICA General Assemblies:

  • 2017 (Washington DC, USA) - upcoming
  • 2015 (Rio de Janiero, Brazil) - Tony Moore
  • 2011 (Paris, France) - Igor Drecki
  • 2007 (Moscow, Russia) - Igor Drecki
  • 2005 (A Coruña, Spain) - Igor Drecki
  • 2003 (Durban, South Africa) - Igor Drecki
  • 1999 (Ottawa, Canada) - Igor Drecki
  • 1995 (Barcelona, Spain) - Clive Solomon
  • 1991 (Bournemouth, UK) - Geoff Aitken
  • 1987 (Morelia, Mexico) - Jim Hall
  • 1984 (Perth, Australia) - Duncan McCormack
  • 1980 (Tokyo, Japan) - Laurie Lee
  • 1976 (Moscow, USSR) - Ronald Lister



Last modified on September 03, 2016
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