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NZCS has been involved in multiple publications over the course of its history.  These include a journal, newsletter, books, and conference materials.  Some of these materials are available for access online and associated links are provided under the descriptions below.  Other items are no longer in circulation and may not be accessible. Feel free to contact the society with any inquiries regarding published materials.


GeoCart Materials

Publications released as part of the GeoCart conference.  These include programmes, participant lists, exhibition catalogues, and the conference Proceedings (a collection of all papers presented with abstracts and supplementary materials).  Many of these materials are still available upon request.


From its inception in 1971 until 1996, NZCS published a cartographic journal. Initially, this was released quarterly, with a few volumes consisting of only three issues.  As of 1976 this schedule changed to twice annually, and the final volume (#24) covered a two-year span (1994-1995). Due to low submissions from contributors, the journal was discontinued in 1996.



  • Cartogram - The official NZCS newsletter. Currently published in online format.
  • Cartogram archive - All published back issues are available in PDF format for download.

Reports and Minutes 

  • Biennial General Meeting (BGM) minutes
  • National Reports to the ICA
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