Author Guidelines

Abstract Submissions

The conference Programme Committee invites authors to submit professional or research presentation abstracts to the GeoCart conference. All abstracts will be reviewed by Committee members with a professional or research background, as applicable.

If a submitted abstract is accepted, one of the following will apply depending on the results of the review:

  • Accepted for oral presentation at the conference and included in the conference proceedings, subject to review recommendations
  • Accepted for poster presentation at the conference and included in the conference Proceedings, subject to review recommendations (some abstracts originally submitted for consideration for oral presentation may be in this category)

Abstracts of lesser quality or unrelated to conference topics will be declined.  Due to space and time contraints, there will be a maximum 48 paper presentations at the 2022 conference.  Approved abstracts will be allocated to sessions at the discretion of the Programming Committee.  Once the programme is full, remaining submissions may be offered an alternative poster presentation.  There is no maximum for poster submissions.

Unless noted otherwise, oral presentations will be limited to a 20-minute time slot in one of two concurrent sessions. Poster presentations will be delivered within the designated poster session where attendees will have the opportunity to discuss topics directly with the authors. The dates and times of presentation sessions will be published in the conference schedule.

The GeoCart’2022 Conference Proceedings, collating accepted abstracts and featuring a special 10-year retrospective, will be published both online and as a printed volume in the CartoPRESS series.

Abstract Formatting

Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) is the preferred file format; however, .pdf and .odt are also acceptable. Files must be readable by machines using the Windows operating system. Any alternative formats should be approved before submission by the Programme Chair. Authors should use A4 paper formatting in preparing their abstracts.

NZCS Young Geospatial Competition

The New Zealand Cartographic Society is proud to once again sponsor a lightning talk competition for geospatial students and new professionals. Abstracts must be submitted per the same guidelines as standard abstract submissions and are subject to the same approval criteria.  Young Geospatial Competition entrants are permitted to submit additional standard paper abstracts, but the topics must be different to avoid duplication of presentations.

Competition eligibilty is restricted to current students and new professionals who  graduated within the past three years. Eligibility will be verified when abstracts are reviewed.  Only individual presentors are permitted to compete.

The YGC will be judged by a panel of conference Keynote speakers. 

Lighting Talk Guidelines

  • Lightning talks will be 5-10 minutes in length, dependent upon the number of competition entries. Authors will be advised of the maximum presentation time at least two weeks prior to the conference. Lightning talks that exceed the maximum time may be disqualified from the competition.
  • Lightning talk topics must relate to the author's focus area of study or employment and be geospatial in nature. This includes cartography, GIS, hydrography, remote sensing, and other related fields.
  • The lightning talk session(s) will be scheduled for the opening day of the conference: Wednesday, 24 August.

Author Discounts

  • Principal Authors of accepted papers and posters are eligible for a 10% discount on ticket packages.
  • Authors of accepted YGC lightning talks are eligible for a 10% discount on ticket packages.
  • All author discounts require a registration coupon that will be provided by the Programming Committee upon acceptance of an abstract.
  • Discount coupons will be allocated to the Principal Author of each paper.
  • Only one coupon may be claimed per registrant.


Deadline for submitting abstracts

13 June 2022

Decision on submissions relayed to author(s)

15 July 2022

Deadline for revisions

29 July 2022


  Deadline for submitting abstracts
13 Jun
  Decision on submissions relayed to author(s) 15 Jul
  Deadline for revisions 29 Jul

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