CCA Conference

44th Annual Conference of the Canadian Cartographic Association

University of Northern British Columbia | Prince George, British Columbia

This is a conference organized through the collaboration of the Canadian Cartographic Association, the Canadian  Institute of Geomatics and the Northern BC GIS Users Group.  As a result of this combined effort, there will be a variety of presentations from a broad spectrum of fields.  The conference aims to represent the values of Central and Northern British Columbia.  The geographical extent we are representing is a combination of urban, rural and natural wilderness living is very large, and yet maintains a great connectivity of communities within this region.  Through mapping and related geospatial technologies, we are endeavouring to emerge those attending our conference in our regionally large, culturally diverse and resilient Northern BC values.  Communicating with maps and relevant spatial data is an important part of moving ahead through pressure of climate change impacts and other resource economy demands.

By joining us at the University of Northern BC, you will be placed at the intersection of natural beauty (with wildlife literally at the doorstep of the campus building) and a vibrant urban centre at the hub of Northern Central British Columbia.

Additional Details

Event Start 22 May 2019
Event End 25 May 2019
Location North America
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